Blood Bowl

Buccaneer Bowl
April 16th at Flying Monkey GT
Century II Convention Center
225 W Douglas, Wichita KS 67202
NAF approved.  

Cost:  $10.00 plus Flying Monkey GT Convention Badge

Tournament Schedule:
 9:00 Registration Begins
 9:15 Registration Ends
 9:30 Round 1 (Random)
11:45 Round 2 (Swiss)
 3:30 Round 3 (Swiss)
 5:15 Round 4 (Swiss)
 7:45 Awards

What You Should Bring

  • v  Your painted Blood Bowl Team
  • v  5 Copies of your Roster (1 for you and 4 for opponents)
  • v  Blood Bowl Field/ Dugout/ Templates
  • v  A set of Block Dice
  • v  A printed copy of the Competition Rules (CRP/ LRB 6), plus the 3 New Teams List
Things Provided

  • v  Pen
  • v  Match Sheet
  • v  Awards

Swell of the Sea
The ships are sailing in the heart of the sea, and sometimes it has a mind of its own! At the start of each coach's turn, roll a d6. On a 3+, nothing happens and the turn continues as normal. On a 1 or a 2, the ship changes course, shifting all players on the pitch. Roll a d8 for scatter and shift all players that direction. This is not a blocking push so Stand Firm and Side Step do not apply. If players go off the pitch, it is treated as being pushed into the crowd as normal. Mind those rails!
Skill: Sea Legs
A player with this skill may attempt to ignore the move from Swell of the Sea and retain their position. If the player attempts to do so, roll a d6. On a 1, the player moves as normal, but with any other result they may retain their position. If a player would shift into a square where another player was prevented from moving due to use of the Sea Legs skill, they remain in their original square.
Star Player: Sinnedbad can be hired as the 12th or greater player for any team, and automatically has the Sea Legs skill for this tournament.

The Buccaneer Bowl Kick-Off Table
Buccaneer Bowl is for the heartiest of scallywags! All matches take place aboard a ship out to sea. To celebrate our unique location, we will be using a special kick off table at the end of this packet.
All injuries will reset between rounds as this is a resurrection tournament.
Illegal Procedure
Illegal procedures will not be called to promote good sportsmanship.
The time limits will be strictly enforced. The four minute rule will not be used unless the Tournament Organizer feels that the match cannot be completed in the allotted time. Time updates will be given by the Tournament Organizer periodically throughout each round.
You are encouraged to share your dice with your opponent if you have concerns about their randomness.
Games may not go into overtime. If they are a draw, they remain a draw.
All teams must meet the minimum painting guidelines of three colors and  having numbered players/bases.
It’s the love of Blood Bowl that draws us to these events and makes them fun. Good sportsmanship is not encouraged but required from each participant. Things such as gloating, ridicule and poor attitudes will not be tolerated. We are all here to have fun. The Tournament Organizer will have sole discretion over whether or not any particular behavior is poor sportsmanship and may choose to act accordingly.

Team Building Rules:
Each coach will be given 1,250,000 gold pieces to build their team utilizing the CRP or 3 New Teams lists. You may purchase players, re-rolls, fan factor, coaches and cheerleaders as normal. You may also use your starting gold to purchase up to 150,000 worth of skills.
Wizards, Journeymen, Special Play Cards and Mercenaries are not allowed.  You may purchase any other normal inducements as part of your team build.
If you intend to purchase a Star Player from the CRP Rulebook, you must have 11 players before you may hire them.
Buying Stats and Skills
Up to 150,000 of your starting gold may be used to purchase skills or stats for your players. Skills and stats may not be bought for Star Players.
A Normal Skill costs 20,000 gold
A Double Skill costs 30,000 gold
+1 MV costs 30,000 gold
+1 AV costs 30,000 gold
You may NOT purchase ST or AG increases
Up to 2 players maximum may have 2 skills added to them
No player may have a stat increase and a skill
No player may have two stat increases
No stat increase or skill may be taken more than 3 times
After each round, matches will be scored based on the following criteria:

  • v  A WIN is worth 60 pts.
  • v  A DRAW is worth 30 pts.
  • v  A Loss is worth 10 pts.
  • v  If you lost by 1 TD, you earn +2 pts.
  • v  If you caused 1 more CAS than your opponent, you earn +2 pts.
  • v  If you caused 2 or more CAS than your opponent, you earn +5 pts.
  • v  If you won by 2 touchdowns, you earn +2 pts.
  • v  If you won by 3 or more touchdowns, you earn +5pts.
  • v  If you clear the pitch, you earn +5 points (Max 1.)
  • v  If you finish the game using all turns, +3 pts.

Tie Breakers
The scoring system is very comprehensive but in the event of a tie, the following will be used:

  • v  Winning Percentage
  • v  Head to Head
  • v  Looks most like a pirate
  • v  Can talk most like a pirate
The following Awards will be given out the last round. In an effort to ensure that everyone gets some of the love, no coach may win more than one award. Awards will be presented in the form of trophies and certificates.

The Buccaneer Bowl Champion: The first place team with the most points after four rounds.
2nd Place: The team with the second most points after four rounds.
3rd Place: The team with the third most points after four rounds.
Best Offense: The team with the most touchdowns scored after four rounds.
Best Defense: The team with the least amount of touchdowns scored against them after four rounds.
Biggest Brute: The team with the most casualties after four rounds.
Best Sportsman: The coach who demonstrated the best sportsmanship based on popular vote.
Best Appearance: This award will go to the team that looks the best using whatever criteria participants choose.
The Scurviest Swabbie: This is the back of the pack award for the coach with the least amount of points.

The Buccaneer Bowl Cup Kick-Off Table
Booty for the Captain: The fans have provided the captain with valuable trinkets, encouraging him to have his mates who officiate the match look the other way a bit. Both teams gain a bribe.
Stormy Waters: A storm blows in roiling up the waters and rocking the ship violently. Swell of the Sea activates on a 1-3 for this drive.
Perfect Defense: The kicking team's coach may reorganize his players into any other legal defense. The receiving team must remain in their present positions.
High Kick: The ball is kicked very high, allowing a player on the receiving team time to move into perfect position to catch it. Any one player who is not in an opposing player's tackle zone may be placed in the square the ball will land in, so long as it is not occupied.
Cheering Fans: Each coach rolls a d3 plus FAME and the number of cheerleaders on their team. Inspired by the roaring of the crowd, the winner gains a re-roll.  In case of a tie, both teams gain a re-roll.
New Climes: The ship passes into a new weather zone. Make a roll on the weather  table and apply the result. If the result is Nice, make a Swell of the Sea roll before landing the ball. The receiving player does not roll for Swell of the Sea again at the beginning of their turn.
Brilliant Coaching: Each coach rolls a d3 plus FAME and the number of assistant coaches on their team. Thanks to brilliant instruction from the caching staff, the winner gains a re-roll.  In case of a tie, both teams gain a re-roll.
Quick Snap!: The offence start their drive a fraction of time before the defence are ready catching them flat-footed. All of the players on the receiving team are allowed to move one square. This is a free move into any adjacent square and may ignore tackle zones or cross into the opponent's half of the pitch.
Blitz!: The defense start their drive a fraction of time before the offence is ready, catching them flat-footed. The Kicking team receives a free bonus turn, but players in an enemy tackle zone at the beginning of the turn may not take an action. Kicking team may use team re-rolls and can suffer turnover.
Seaworthy: Each coach rolls a d3. The winner gains the Sea Legs skill on one random team member for the remainder of the tournament. If the result is a tie, both coaches gain the skill on one random team member for the remainder of the tournament. Re-roll if players that already have Sea Legs are selected.
Kraken Attack!: A mighty Kraken assaults the ship, its tentacles whipping over the rails and striking players and fans randomly. Both coaches roll a d6 for each opposing player on the pitch. If the result is 6, that player is stunned. (Players with ball and chain are still KO'd).

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