Warhammer 40K

Basic Info:
  • 6 Round GT
  • ITC Format
  • 2,000 Points
  • 3 Detachments
  • No units of 31 Power Level or Greater
  • GW Codex cut-off date: 8/15/2017
  • GW FAQ cut-off date: 8/19/2017
  • 3-color minimum.  Aka models are expected to be painted with 3 or more colors and based.  If your army isn't painted to this standard you risk being excluded from prize support.
We will be using the GW Matched Play Updates released on 8/9/2017:

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In addition, We will be adopting the GW's rules for Warlord traits, relics, faction keywords, and pregame strategems. They must be written on your army list, and stay consistent throughout our events.

A model in a transport is not considered on the table for the purpose of controlling an objective.  Furthermore it doesn't confer Objective Secured to any unit that it is embarked upon.
- In the Big Guns never tire mission, Heavy support gains Objective Secured as well instead of the "Key Positions" rule.
- Further clarification on Objective Secured:



Beer Hammer 7:00 - 10:00 (PM)

Round 1: 10:00 - 12:30
Round 2: 1:30 - 4:00
Round 3: 4:15 - 6:45
Hobby Contest (Best Army): 7:00
Knight Joust: 7:30 - 9:00

Round 4: 10:00 - 12:30
Hobby Contest (Other Categories): 1:30
Round 5: 2:00 - 4:30
Round 6: 4:45 - 7:15
Awards: 7:30

Team Tourney 10:00 - 6:00

Specific Information:


***As Sponsorship and Ticket Sales continue to come in, we will add prizes and categories to the list ***

CategoryDecided byPrize (s)
Best Overall (Renaissance Man)Hobby + Game ScoreTBD
Best GeneralGame ScoreTBD
2nd Place Best GeneralGame ScoreTBD
3rd Place Best GeneralGame ScoreTBD
Best SportJudgesTBD
2nd Best SportJudgesTBD
Best of FactionGame ScoreTBD
Best of FactionGame ScoreTBD
Best of FactionGame ScoreTBD
Best of FactionGame ScoreTBD
Best of FactionGame ScoreTBD
Best of FactionGame ScoreTBD
Best of FactionGame ScoreTBD
Best of FactionGame ScoreTBD
Best of FactionGame ScoreTBD
Best of FactionGame ScoreTBD
Most Interesting ListJudgesTBD
Most Prepared PlayerJudgesTBD
Comeback KidGame ScoreTBD
The FinisherScorekeeperTBD
Bad Matchup #1ScorekeeperTBD
Bad Matchup #2ScorekeeperTBD
DFLGame ScoreTBD

***You can only win one 40K prizes.  For instance if you win "Best Overall", the "Best of Faction" for your Faction will go to the 2nd Ranked player in that Faction.  The only exception is "Bad Matchup" 1 and 2***

Best Overall (Renaissance Man)

It will be 1/3 Hobby Score + 2/3 Battle Points. 

Best of Faction

The Best of Faction Prizes will be Awarded in Order of Faction Popularity.  The most popular faction get's 1st choice of their prize, and so on. 

All Factions with 2 or fewer representative will be combined into Faction: Other.  If more than 10 Prizes are needed we will add something.

Best Sport

Best Sport is something of a soft score.  The judges will be watching all of the players and assessing them for sportsmanship throughout the event.  Somethings you can do to improve your chances to win this award.
1) Come Prepared.  The pregame player interaction sets the tone for the entire game.  This goes smoother if both players are polite but also ready to go.  Have your list out. 
2) Be Clear.  If you have some ability or rule that your opponent may not be used to, discuss it pregame, and how it works, so that when it comes up there is no confusion.  This is also true if your army is using "Counts As" models or anything else that could be confusing.
3) Be Civil.  This is 40K, so there will be rules debates.  Acknowledge your opponent's point of view, and don't let those debates get overheated.  Our judging staff is on hand to help you resolve any debates, and when a resolution is arrived at, move on, and don't continue to argue a point.
4) Acknowledge the sportsmanship of others.  Any time that an opponent demonstrates superior sportsmanship during a game, mention it to the Judges or the Scorekeepers.  This not only improves their chances, but yours as well.
5) Use your time.  If your game ends early, grab a drink with your opponent, or even buy them one.  Ask them about their army, and how they approach 40K, and generally socialize.  Just make sure that you manage your time, and don't let this interfere with the flow of the games.

Other Categories

Any tournament is full of individual achievements that are only represented in the final scores.  We seek to honor that in a few ways.

DFL (Dead Freakin' Last)  - AKA Last Place.  This is the player least loved by the Dice Gods, they probably had a rough go of it the whole way, so we offer them a Vase covered with Inspirational messages filled with new dice to replace their cursed ones.

Comeback Kid - This is the player who didn't live up to their potential on Day 1, but came roaring back on Day 2.  We take the total Day 2 score, and subtract the Total Day 1 Score.

Most Prepared Player - This player had everything in order, and the judges notices.  We want to honor those who arrive prepared to play.

The Finisher - This player is efficient about their games, and gets them done on time and does so consistently.   The Score Keeper keeps an eye out for this particular award.

Most Interesting List - This is an award to a player that didn't netlist.  He built this list himself, and it shows, because it is unique in some way that the judges noticed.  There is a reasonable chance this player wasn't in the top rankings, but he is choosing to play 40K in Hard Mode, and we honor that.

Best Team

We will award a trophy to the best team based on combined Game Scores.  Besides the Trophy, the only prize for this is respect and acknowledgement.

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